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We have presented some popular Memorial Day Songs. Each Memorial number and song has the touch of patriotism rendered into its music.

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Memorial Day Songs

The popular songs on Memorial Day mostly describe the emotions and feelings of a soldier, his love for his country, the phases in his life and veterans' feelings about the soldiers he has befriended and then killed. They also depict the glory of the soldiers, their bravery and valor and how they have put their bodies and their lives at risk for the safety of their countrymen. They sing about the families who have lost their sons, husbands, brothers and fathers to the war. We have brought here the collection of some of the most patriotic and moving songs of America. 'The Star-spangled Banner' that later became the national anthem of America describes about a man from Baltimore who carries the flag of truce to the land of enemy to seek freedom of his friend and soldier, who is a Prisoner of War.

There he is caught for the fear that he might disclose their plans to attack Baltimore to his countrymen. The enemy's general boasted of capturing the fort in a matter of few hours and he was made to watch the battle as a captive. Unable to resist, he prayed for the victory of his country in his heart and rejoiced at the sight of his country's flag still hoisted over the fort. Soon, the darkness of the night enveloped his vision and when he again saw the flag at the dawn, his heart swelled with pride for his country. 'Christmas in the Trenches' is a moving song, which tells about an event during World War 1, where the British and the Germans who were fighting each other as bitter enemies had a truce on Christmas Night and sang songs together and were bound with the delicate thread of love.

'The Wall' describes the experience of an ex-veteran who found was coaxed to visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. by his brother and found solace and comfort from the haunting memories of the war there. 'When The Warrior Returns' and 'When Johnny Comes' have a happier note to them and talk of the bravery and valor of the soldiers returning from the war and the glory that they deserve for them. These songs also talk of the heart-felt blessings and honor conferred on these veterans by the civilians and the families who are waiting and praying for them constantly. Yet other patriotic songs in our collection are 'Ballad of The Green Beret' and 'Stars and Stripes Forever.'

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