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The poetry and verses on Memorial Day are popular as Memorial Day recitation and are good ways of passing on out history and instill patriotism in the hearts of the young ones.

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Memorial Day Poems

Many people have expressed eloquently the emotions of Memorial Day in their verses. We have brought for you a collection of some memorable Memorial Day poems and Memorial Day poetry that are a must read on thirtieth of May. C W Johnson expresses the profound respect that he pays for his ex-colleagues and soldiers of war that sacrificed their lives for the sake of their nation. Eula Gladys Lincoln tells us about the men and boys who were born and brought up to the sturdy and lively youth in Flanders but died an early death in the distant lands while fighting for their country. Kelly in her poem 'Freedom is not free' talks about the thousands of soldiers that have laid down their lives for the freedom, we take for granted.

She talks about the grim truth that hovers over the lives of marines and soldiers of a nation and the emotions that stir up in her as she walks down the unmarked graves of the Arlington National cemetery. Besides these, we have brought 'Do not stand at my grave and weep' by Mary Frye, 'Peace' by Amanda Bradley, 'Memorial Day' by Joyce Kilmer, 'TAPS' by Major General Daniel Butterfield, 'Memorial Day' by Theodosia Pickering Garrison, 'When I'm gone' by Mrs Lyman Hancock and 'Memorial Day' by William Henry Clay Dodson.

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