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Here are some interesting facts related to American Revolution that throw light on freedom struggle of America and American revolutionary War.

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American Revolutionary War Facts

American Revolution was one of the most noted struggles that ultimately led to the freedom of America. Apart from the history that many have read in their schoolbooks, not many people know the real truth of the times. We have brought you some interesting tidbits of American revolutionary war. According to Mr. Thomas Fleming, a noted historian, in 1776, Americans enjoyed highest standard of living and lowest taxes in the entire West. Since the farmers, lawyers and other business owners along with the general public were quite rich in the Colonies, British tried to levy taxes on them and reroute some of the cash flow to their nation. Colonists took it as a threat to their prosperity and liberty and resisted violently.

Patrick Henry of Virginia gave the cry, "Give me liberty or give me death!" What most people don't know is that there were actually two Boston tea parties, one in 1773 and another in 1774, where 'Sons of Liberty' disguised as Mohawks and threw chests of tea into Boston Harbor rather than paying the tax of 3 cents per pound as ordered by the British. British suffered a loss of about $3 million in modern terms. None other than the famous scientist Benjamin Franklin, who was touched by the bloodshed at Lexington and Concord in 1775, wrote the first Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson wrote another version with suggestions by the Franklin that the Congress ultimately voted for in 1776.

British could boast of having John Adams and Captain Thomas Preston on their side, who helped their soldiers at the time of and after Boston massacre. The American Revolution could also boast of the first ever submarine attack that took place in New York Harbor in 1776. The submarine was known as 'Turtle' and was invented by the Connecticut inventor David Bushnell. According to the historian George Neumann the best general in the Continental Army was Benedict Arnold. In 1775, Benedict was nearly about to conquer Canada, he built a fleet next year and kept the bigger British fleet at bay on Lake Champlain and in 1777 at Saratoga, he forced the British army to surrender persuading French to shake hands with the American side. However, he was not happy with the alliance and thus, switched sides in 1780.

The 1779 American military included about several blacks that fought well and distinguished themselves. Even the women served and fought in the Continental Army, the best-known being Mary Ludwig Hays nicknamed as 'Molly Pitcher.' Thousands of women served as cooks and nurses in the Washington's army. George Washington ran dozens of espionage rings in British and was a genius at rendering false reports about his army through double agents. At the final war in Yorktown that proved decisive, there were almost three Frenchmen for every one American. King George III almost abdicated the throne on losing the war but then decided to continue the war under the impression that Americans would soon repent on choosing a dictator in Washington as their leader. When he came to know that Washington planned to resign his commission, he honestly commented that the move would prove that Washington is 'the greatest man in the world.'

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